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Providing each patient with an effective treatment plan is your top priority.

For patients who need chronic pain management, this task can be complicated. As the prevalence of opioid use to treat pain has risen, so has abuse, misuse, and diversion of prescribed drugs. Routine urine drug monitoring has become the standard of care for patients who are treated for chronic pain and, in cases where it is deemed medically necessary, it allows medical providers to:

  • Confirm patient adherence to the dosing regimen
  • Identify concomitant use of illicit or prescription drugs
  • Detect harmful drug interactions
  • Avoid negative outcomes such as overdose or death
  • Discover possible diversion of prescribed drugs
  • Provide optimal patient care

Get reports within 24-48 hours, with customizable and intuitive information that is easy to find.

With our lab partner you can tailor lab orders to fit the needs of your patients and access results by fax, email, or web-based interface. You can trust in the accuracy of our results as well as our strict adherence to compliance protocols. We also offer flexible payment options for patients and our team of toxicologists are available to answer your questions and help you interpret results.

  • Quick turnaround time
  • Easy to read reports
  • High level of confidence
  • lexibility in testing
  • Minimal patient disruption
  • Expert consultation