Used as a protective covering in several different clinical application, it forms a protective barrier over wounded area, but still allows for oxygen transfers to assist in the wound healing. The Allograft Matrix has cellular signaling components embedded into the collagen matrix such as cytokines, growth factors, and exosomes that induces and directs the body’s natural healing response, promoting more efficient healing.


  • Catalyzes natural healing process to support proper remodeling
  • Provides specific signaling which lowers the body’s inflammatory response
  • Mitigates formation of scar tissue


  • Our Allograft Matrix assists in wound healing, both chronic and acute.
  • Our Dual-layer Allograft Matrix is used to enhance healing after a primary surgical repair.


Allograft Matrix is sourced from rigorously pre-screened, voluntary donors. Using ONLY the full-term gestational tissue from Cesarian sections, this method of sourcing reduces the opportunity for contaminated material. It is then shipped to a third party for further testing and to certify the optimal health of the tissue. We then employ our proprietary process to produce both an ethical and superior regenerative product.

Allograft Patch