The AIM Hybrid Mattress, made in the USA, enables a superior sleep and convalescent experience. Its specially designed pressure relief system provides a greater level of immersion, support, and soothing comfort.

The AIM Mattress is a uniquely designed pressure relief system that provides superior comfort and stability for healthy, restorative sleep and convalescence. Its custom technology creates a fluid environment that allows greater immersion and support, promoting optimum circulation. AIM’s therapeutic features also help protect soft tissue and assist in wound healing.

Among others, examples here illustrate a few INDICATIONS / DIAGNOSES where the AIM Mattress has been prescribed. Short-term and long-term success consistently result in improved clinical outcomes, decreased pain and greater comfort:

  • Immobility: related to diagnoses such as MS, ALS, CVA, Contractures, etc…
  • Pressure injuries: especially sacral, coccyxgeal, posterior head, elbows, trochanters, heels
  • Diabetic foot ulcers: especially r/t heels
  • Arterial leg/foot ulcers: especially r/t heels
  • Comfort/Pain measures: could also be related to end of life
  • AIM Mattress has been shown to be effective in the prevention and treatment of stage 1-4 pressure injuries
36 x 80 x 936 x 84 x 9
42 x 80 x 942 x 84 x 9
48 x 80 x 948 x 84 x 9
AIM Air Immersion mattress
AIM Pressure Points